Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What services do you provide?
  • Outpatient Consultation
  • BOTOX Injection
  • Nerve Conduction Studies
  • EMG
  • EEG

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What is a Nerve Conduction Study?

A Nerve Conduction Study (NCS) measures how electrical signals travel through a nerve. As a result, this test can help identify the presence, location and extent of conditions that affect nerves. A NCS may also assist in finding the cause of symptoms such as numbness, tingling and persistent pain, especially that experienced in the hands, arms, legs and feet. The neuroscientist will attach some electrodes to the skin over your nerve, before using a stimulator to send short and mild electrical pulses to stimulate the nerve. Whilst not painful, these pulses may feel uncomfortable. The nerve responses are recorded as part of the test

What's the difference between an EMG and an EEG?

An EMG is used to measure electrical activity in a muscle.

An EEG is used to measure electrical activity in your brain.

Isn't BOTOX used just to hide wrinkles?

No. BOTOX (Botulinum Toxin) is used for a variety of other uses, such as: 

  • Migraines (for relief of migraine)
  • Cervical Dystonia (a condition that causes your neck muscles to contract involuntarily and twists your head to one side. Or tilt forward/back)
  • Blepharospasm (an abnormal twitching of the eyelid)
  • Hemifacial Spasm (a twitching of one side of the face due to a neuromuscular disorder)
  • Spasticity (muscle stiffness as a result of damage to the nervous system)
  • Axillary Hyperhidrosis (also known as excessive underarm sweating)
What should I know before making a booking?
  • Before calling to book an appointment, please ensure that a referral has been sent by your GP or Specialist. You may also be given a hardcopy of this referral by your doctor.
  • When booking an appointment, our receptionists will inform you of the costs associated with your consultation and/or neurophysiology service.
  • Plan to arrive 10 minutes early for your initial consultation to allow time to complete a Consent and New Patient Form. (Also consider allowing time for parking.)
  • Please bring your Medicare Card to your appointment.

  • If you hold a Pensioner or Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA) Card, please being these to your appointment, as the cost of your consult may differ.
  • Please bring any relevant scans, tests or reports with you to your initial appointment.

I've been booked for an EEG, what do I need to know?
  • Ensure hair is dry prior to test
  • Do not use conditioner/hair gels
  • Take Medications as usual
  • The duration of a test is 45 minutes

Our Services

Clinic Locations
  • John Flynn Specialist Suites: Monday to Friday.
  • Lismore Outpatient Clinic: two days per month (including first Friday of the month).
  • Yamba Outpatient Clinic: first Saturday of the month.
Contact Phone
  • 07 5598 0908
Contact Fax
  • 5598 0905
Consulting Staff
  • Dr Swapna Sebastian (Tue – Fri)
  • Dr Lyndal Van Leer (Mon + Thu)
Supporting Staff
  • Arianna Porro (Neuroscientist)
  • Nadine McCabe (Clinical Nurse)
  • Katrina Blake (Medical Receptionist)

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